On the Dejus YouTube channel: Feral cat breakfast; a short crudely cut-together video from three camera views of a couple of our feral cats reacting to the food being dispensed, and going to eat breakfast.

My shiny new iPhone XS Max, in gold. It’s a very subtle color, quite nice. Yay for the iPhone Upgrade Program; this is a minor update on my iPhone X, but I like the bigger screen and better camera. #dejus365

Oh, and speaking of old things, nobody cares but me, and I don’t care all that much, but today is the 27th anniversary of founding my macOS & iOS development company, Dejal. Back in 1991, I wrote utilities for Mac System 5 and later. Such classics as Say It FKEY, that spoke text on the clipboard; QuickEncrypt, an encryption tool; SndConverter Pro to convert batches of system sounds to other formats; and many more.