It does mean that I have to wait for watchOS 5 too… but I can live with that. (So far I’m resisting upgrading my Watch… but I may eventually cave on that, since I keep reading & hearing how much of an improvement the new one is.)

So far I’ve resisted installing iOS 12 on my iPhone X, since my shiny new iPhone XS Max will arrive on Friday. A new OS will make the S-year phone more special. Plus just seems kinda pointless hassle; I can wait a few days.

By the way, in my previous post of Rory & Paladin, that isn’t a well-timed action shot. Paladin lays on the chair, then stretches out and stays like that for a few minutes, until he slowly oozes off the chair. He’s the strangest cat ever.

Woke up just before midnight to complete the pre-order of an iPhone XS Max 256GB Gold, on the iPhone Upgrade Program. Went very smoothly this time. Scheduled to arrive next Friday.

Not sure how I’ll like the gold, but I like to change colors each year, to help make it feel new and shiny. I’m looking forward to going back to a plus-sized screen.