A bucket of water timers, removed for the winter, when the garden water was shut off to avoid burst pipes. #dejus365

I’ve just added a SSL certificate to the dejus.com site, like all the cool kids are doing nowadays (even though this blog doesn’t really need it, other than to avoid scary warnings by some dodgy browsers). Go secure!

On the Dejus YouTube channel: Cats Playing in the Sun; a silent video of one cat playing with the decorative wagon wheel on the deck, then a couple on top of the awnings and another on the deck, enjoying a bit of warmth from the sun.

I recently replaced the halogen bulb in my flag light with a high-power LED bulb, which works really well, and should last much longer. #dejus365

It’s election day in the US: if you haven’t already, go vote!

(I voted a couple of weeks ago; yay for Oregon’s vote-by-mail!)

I want to do a big order from Home Depot for Express Delivery, but I get these error messages when checking the zip code. Not a good look; I want to order online, not have to have a call. Been like this for months.