Today is the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the first Macintosh. So it seems only fitting that today’s photo of the day is of my Mac Plus, from 1989. Not the original model, though the same shape. But I did use the original in school. #dejus365 #ThrowbackThursday

Comparing iPhone cameras

Since I recently got my new iPhone XS Max, and still have the old iPhone X (until I send it back, as part of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade program), I thought I’d compare the cameras, to see for myself the wider angle and better color handling of the new model.

Here’s a shot from the iPhone X:

And much the same shot with the iPhone XS Max; not too much different, though the sky gradient is more smooth:

Another example, from the X:

And the XS Max; the wider angle is more clear, and the darker areas (e.g. leaves) are more visible:

Testing facing into the sun on the X, with lots of lens flare:

On the Max, still with lens flare, but more detail is visible:

Lastly, another shot into the sun on the X:

And Max; again a wider angle, and more detail (e.g. in the shadows behind the tree), including a less blown-out sun:

It’s great how Apple continues to improve the cameras each year.