Today is the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the first Macintosh. So it seems only fitting that today’s photo of the day is of my Mac Plus, from 1989. Not the original model, though the same shape. But I did use the original in school. #dejus365 #ThrowbackThursday

Jenn and I met via the internet, using command-line email etc, before there was a web. I was in NZ, she in the US. I visited her in February – March 1994, staying in her dorm room for about 5 weeks. This pic is from a photo shoot we did then. #dejus365 #ThrowbackThursday

Time for another school photo, I think. Here’s my first year at Northcross Intermediate School, in 1981. Form 1 was equivalent to sixth grade in the US. As usual, I’m the goofy looking boy in glasses. #dejus365 #ThrowbackThursday