For the past four nights, I made small individual pizzas for my dinners, from the amount of dough I’d normally use for one pizza, but split into four portions. 🍕

Pepperoni pizza

Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza

Pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni & pineapple pizza

I’m taking a break from Facebook at present (for the last week).  I still go there to cross-post my Dejus posts, since I’m not aware of a way to automatically do that (like I do with Twitter via, but not reading anything there.  While it is the main channel for news from family, I just got sick of the ads and other sketchy content, and felt I needed a break.  I’ll probably resume at some point, since I don’t imagine I can convince my family to move to a more pleasant social network like

I just made my first banana bread loaves, including chocolate chips. Turned out alright for a first try, though there are definitely things I could improve. 🍌🍞

Banana bread ingredients

Banana bread mixed

Banana bread in loaf pans

Banana bread cooked

Banana bread cooling

Banana bread cut