The answer to today’s What’s It Wednesday question, as correctly guessed by nobody, is a solar panel for our swimming pool, and specifically a repair I did to a burst in one of the tubes. Better luck next time! #WhatsItWednesday

Swimming pool and solar panels

Swimming pool solar panels

The answer to today’s question: a backpack sprayer. I spent a couple of hours this morning using it to spray weeds in our paths and gardens. I hand-pull weeds in areas around the ducks etc, but there are too many to do that everywhere. #WhatsItWednesday

Backpack sprayer

The answer to today’s #WhatsItWednesday question, as one person correctly identified: a pumpkin flower. Here is the full picture, with a pollen-covered bee in the flower, and from further back (photos courtesy my wife). 🌱🎃🐝

Pumpkin flower with bee

Pumpkin flowers

Nobody guessed the answer to today’s What’s It Wednesday question. The answer: a ChickenGuard pop door opener on the chicken coop, that lifts and lowers the door the chickens use to go to their run. #WhatsItWednesday

Chicken coop pop door opener