A few people correctly identified today’s What’s It Wednesday question: it was some egg cartons, stamp, ink, and the wooden block I made to let me stamp the top of a carton (in the background you can see another block for split cartons). #WhatsItWednesday

Egg cartons and stamp

Egg cartons, block, stamp

Nobody guessed the What’s It Wednesday question today. I guess it was too hard. So what is it? A hole that goes all the way through one of our old apple trees. #WhatsItWednesday

Apple tree

Apple tree

Apple tree

The answer to today’s What’s It Wednesday, as correctly guessed by two people: it’s a 3-gallon water jug filled with chicken feed. It drains into a tube with holes from which they can eat. 🐓 #WhatsItWednesday

Chicken feed jug

Chicken feeder

A few people guessed the right answer this time: duck feathers! Yep, it’s a close-up of our duck, Bert. Here are another couple of bonus close-ups.  🦆 #WhatsItWednesday


Duck head

Duck foot