For week 23 of my 52 years celebration, let’s jump ahead to 1994, when I visited the US to meet Jenn in person, having met online the previous year. Here we are dressed up, the first picture I have of us together. #ThrowbackThursday #52years

David and Jenn

When I attended my first WWDC in 2006, they bussed everyone to the Infinite Loop Apple campus for the WWDC Bash. But I spent 2 hours standing in a line to get into the Apple company store to buy merch, so the bash was over by the time I got in. Oh well. #ThrowbackThursday

Apple campus

Line to get into company store

Apple company store

Apple company store

Apple campus

David at Apple campus

Another picture from WWDC in 2006; looking down at people at charging station tables. Mac laptop batteries didn’t last all that long back then.

Charging station tables

As we look forward to a virtual WWDC21 kicking off today, a look back at my first WWDC, in 2006. Back before the iPhone, when it was an uncrowded conference for Mac developers, and the big news was Mac OS X Leopard and finishing transitioning from PowerPC to Intel chips.


WWDC06 keynote

WWDC06 Mac OS X Leopard

WWDC06 Macs on Intel