For week/year 8 of my 52 years celebration, another picture from sometime in the 1970’s, of me making a snowman (and my father at the edge of the frame). Seems appropriate given the surprise snow yesterday. #ThrowbackThursday #52years

David making a snowman

The challenge word for day 15 is “reflection”. A reflection in the pond of the ducks sleeping on the bank, amongst melting icy residue of the snow. ❄️🦆📷 #mbfeb


The challenge word for day 14 is “compassion”. We are still without electricity from the ice storm, but I have compassion for the several animals dependent on us, including the hummingbirds; our feeders are probably their only source of food. ❄️🐦📷 #mbfeb

Hummingbirds and snow

The hummingbirds have been very hungry today; I’ve already refilled the feeder twice, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to do it again. With the snow, the heated feeder is probably all they’ve got. Plus, duck footprints in the snow. ❄️🐦🦆❄️


Ducks and snowy prints

Snowy duck prints

A couple of aerial photos from my drone of the snowy landscape around our pond and wider homestead. Not a huge amount of snow so far. You can see the new pond island in the center of the pond, and ducks nearby. ❄️🦆


Aerial snow