The challenge word for day 31 (the last bonus) is “defiance”. I was supposed to be working on Dejal stuff yesterday, but I decided to take advantage of the sunny weather to work on the bee shed, in defiance of my self-imposed schedule. 🔨📷 #mbfeb

Adding wall framing

The challenge word for day 30 (another bonus) is “privacy”. One year ago today was the last time I ate in a restaurant, the closest one to home, which I won’t name for privacy reasons. 🍔📷 #mbfeb

Burger and fries

The challenge word for day 29 (a bonus day) is “light”. The sunlight reflecting off my desk in the morning is blinding; I need to put something there to reduce that glare. 📷 #mbfeb

Sunlight on desk

The challenge word for day 27 is “pompasetting”, which apparently is a Caribbean word for showing off. So here’s me pompasetting or showing off a rare snuggly Paladin on my lap this morning. (Paladin snuggling isn’t rare, but on a lap is.) 🐈📷 #mbfeb

David and Paladin

The challenge word for day 26 is “favourite”. Since it’s Flock Friday, I’ll admit that my favorite chicken is Merida. She’s just so friendly, always coming up to me to greet me, and lets me pet her. 🐓📷 #mbfeb


The challenge word for day 25 is “code”. I write macOS and iOS code for a living. Also I need to clean my screen. 📷 #mbfeb

Mac showing Xcode project

The challenge word for day 24 is “baby”. Look what I spotted on the floating pond island: duck eggs! These probably aren’t fertilized, but now that they are starting to lay, we may have baby ducklings before long. 🦆🥚📷 #mbfeb

Ducks, pond, island, eggs

Duck eggs on the island

The challenge word for day 23 is “banana”. We don’t have any bananas at present, so I searched my photo library for a picture… close, photos app, but these are not bananas. 🚫🍌📷 #mbfeb

Not bananas

The challenge word for day 22 is “spell”. Back around age 13 (I think) I enjoyed writing short sci-fi stories, laboriously typing them on my mother’s manual typewriter (before I had a computer with a printer). But my spelling wasn’t that great. 📷 #mbfeb

Old story