Comparing iPhone cameras

Since I recently got my new iPhone XS Max, and still have the old iPhone X (until I send it back, as part of Apple’s iPhone Upgrade program), I thought I’d compare the cameras, to see for myself the wider angle and better color handling of the new model.

Here’s a shot from the iPhone X:

And much the same shot with the iPhone XS Max; not too much different, though the sky gradient is more smooth:

Another example, from the X:

And the XS Max; the wider angle is more clear, and the darker areas (e.g. leaves) are more visible:

Testing facing into the sun on the X, with lots of lens flare:

On the Max, still with lens flare, but more detail is visible:

Lastly, another shot into the sun on the X:

And Max; again a wider angle, and more detail (e.g. in the shadows behind the tree), including a less blown-out sun:

It’s great how Apple continues to improve the cameras each year.

Oh great, now my old iMac is kernel panicking repeatedly on startup. I’ve shut it down for the night. It’s a 2011 model, that I just use as a second screen, so not worth repairing if it is a hardware issue (again).

On the Dejus YouTube channel: Feral cat breakfast; a short crudely cut-together video from three camera views of a couple of our feral cats reacting to the food being dispensed, and going to eat breakfast.