It seems deaths come in threes, and unfortunately that has been true for our cats recently. Pippin, our 13-year-old pet cat, has just passed away. He was doing fine, but over the past few days has rapidly declined, despite visits to the vet. We’ll miss you old man. 🐈🪦


We’ll be heading home today. Here are some pictures from yesterday on our camping vacation, including a stroll down to the harbor beach, lunch, and a cat visitor. (We also went for a couple hours drive down the coast, and Chinese takeout for dinner; no pics of those.)


Path with trailer visible

Beach and bridge

Wet sand

Beach with driftwood

Jenn behind a tree stump

David and Jenn

Trailer awning

Food prep in the trailer

Scrambled eggs and sliced hot dog


Last night we cleared out a bunch of old game and TV detritus while moving our gear into a new shelving unit, so of course Paladin had to sit on it like Smaug the dragon on a pile of gold. 🐈🐉🎮

Paladin with a pile of electronics detritus