The word for day 29 of the photo challenge is “leap”. Here’s a crop from a cam capture of a cat leaping from a pole; climbing down the hard way (see my Caturday post, coming soon, for more). 🐈 #mbfeb

Cat leaping

As mentioned this morning, I got a new drone, a DJI Mavic Mini. It’s a small, lightweight drone with some nice features like GPS and gimbaled camera. Here are a bunch of pictures of the drone, and a few initial pictures taken from it.

Folded drone and unfolded controller

Folded drone

Folded drone underside

Unfolded drone

Unfolded drone

Camera on gimbal

Ultra light drone

Blade guards

Blade guards

House and Rory


Mount Hood

The word for day 28 of the photo challenge is “below”. Hey down below: an aerial view of me on my back lawn, taken by my new drone (more on that later). #mbfeb

Aerial view of David on the back lawn

The word for day 27 of the photo challenge is “together”. Paladin and Rory hanging out together by the back door. 🐈 🐕 #mbfeb

Paladin and Rory

The word for day 26 of the photo challenge is “escape”. A magical key that people love on the new MacBook Pro 16”: the Escape key. #mbfeb

MacBook Pro 16 inch Escape key

The word for day 25 of the photo challenge is “hurdle”. The wooden garden benches tend to tip onto their backs in the winter winds, like knocked over hurdles. The feral cats enjoy playing on them. #mbfeb

Cats near the cat house