The challenge word for day 30 is β€œreinforce”. Seeing well-fed cozy cats in their heated shelters helps reinforce the joy of caring for feral cats. πŸ“·πŸˆΒ #mbnov

Cat cams

The challenge word for day 28 is β€œmask”. Fortunately I don’t need to leave my homestead very often, other than for feed store or Costco shopping… but when I do, it’s time to put on my mask. Such is life in pandemic times. πŸ“·πŸ˜·πŸ¦  #mbnov

David in a mask

The challenge word for day 27 is β€œdilemma”. Paladin is on the comfy blanket on my office couch, so Pippin has a dilemma of where to go; my lap, or downstairs to @jidabug’s lap? πŸ“·πŸˆΒ #mbnov

Paladin and Pippin

The challenge word for day 26 is β€œadjust”. Here’s the table setting for Thanksgiving last year. This year requires some adjustment, just Jenn and me. Stay safe out there, so you can celebrate future Thanksgivings! πŸ“· #mbnov

Thanksgiving table

The challenge word for day 25 is β€œcall”. In moving back to my upstairs office, I didn’t bother plugging in my landline extension, since I never use it anyway β€” we have the most basic phone plan on it, with a per-minute charge for an outgoing call. πŸ“·β˜ŽοΈ #mbnov

Landline phone

The challenge word for day 24 is β€œprovision”. Keeping ducks and chickens requires a lot of provisions. πŸ“· #mbnov

Duck and chicken food

The challenge word for day 23 is β€œcapture”. It’s fun when I see a cat on the front steps, and am able to capture an interesting photo of them β€” like this shot of Spud enjoying a good scratch. πŸ“·πŸˆΒ #mbnov


The challenge word for day 22 is β€œborder”. @jidabug made a tasty β€œDutch baby” for breakfast this morning; the curling border of it looks kinda like a frozen cresting wave. πŸ“·πŸ₯ž #mbnov

Dutch baby breakfast

The challenge word for day 21 is β€œwinter”. We haven’t had any snow yet this year, but a definite sign of winter is frosty ice crystals on the deck. πŸ“·β„οΈ #mbnov

Frost on deck