We are safe at Mom’s place. We took our dog Rory, pet cats Pippin and Paladin, and the six ducklings, since they can’t stay on their own for more than a day. The older ducks and feral cats can fend for themselves; the chickens should be fine for a few days.

Ducklings in the truck

We got a level 2 “get ready to evacuate” alert just as we were heading to bed (during a power cut). After agonizing about it for a while, we decided to evacuate to Mom’s place (3 hours drive north), heading out around midnight, arriving at 03:00.

Fire evacuation screenshot

Fire evacuation screenshot

Fire evacuation screenshot

Fire evacuation screenshot

Jenn and I are taking a vacation this week, taking a break from social media and big screens, relaxing and playing board games and such. Or at least that’s how the week started… then the entire west coast caught on fire.

Board games

Smoke and downed tree

Game by lantern

Glow of fire in the distance

My wife is taking next week off work as a much-needed vacation, pretending she’s in Mexico or somewhere nice (it will be around 90° for most of the week). I have an infinite amount of work to do, but am thinking about joining her in taking a break. I think I need it too.

We had big plans for vacations this year, including a 3-week trip to NZ, a couple trips to Ashland, etc. But now we don’t expect to go anywhere this year. Or for the foreseeable, really.