Simon macOS app 💻 #MediaMonday

A pro Mac utility to monitor websites and servers for changes or failures. Yes, it’s an app I wrote, so I may be biased in recommending it, but for those who need that functionality, it is very useful.

Changer by Matt Gemmell 📚 #MediaMonday

I usually exclusively read science fiction, but when writer and former iOS/Mac developer Matt published his first novel, an action-thriller with some sci-fi leanings, I bought it in digital and dead tree forms, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Changer books

Liftoff podcast 📡 #MediaMonday

A fortnightly podcast by Jason Snell and Stephen Hackett about space, the universe, and everything, but mostly space. Keeping an eye on the news about NASA, SpaceX, and others… but it’s never aliens (until it is?).

Liftoff artwork

Ted Lasso TV series 📺 #MediaMonday

A delightful fish-out-of-water comedy series on Apple TV+ about an American football coach moving to the UK to coach an English football league. We just started a rewatch of season 1 in preparation for season 2 in July.

For All Mankind TV series 📺 #MediaMonday

An excellent TV series on Apple TV+, based on the concept of what might happen if the space race hadn’t ended; if the Soviets had landed on the Moon first, and the ripples following that.

Acorn macOS app 💻 #MediaMonday

I don’t need the power of Photoshop or similar apps when creating or editing graphics. I have used Acorn since the first version as my go-to graphics app; it has a lot of powerful features, without being overly complex.