Upload TV series 📺 #MediaMonday

Currently watching this show on Prime Video, a comedy-drama about people who have been “uploaded” to a virtual afterlife, and in the real world. It’s an entertaining show with interesting characters and visions of near-future technology.

Hamilton movie 🍿 #MediaMonday

My wife and I saw Hamilton in Portland in 2018, and we looked forward to seeing this movie recording of the original cast. It was really good, and so well known, I don’t think I need to say more.

Yellow Cottage Homestead blog 🔗 #MediaMonday

I’m going to cheat again and link to one of my own blogs for this Media Monday. My homestead blog is where I post pictures of the ducks, chickens, feral cats, bees, gardens, and other homestead topics. Very wholesome.

Pod4Ham podcast 📡 #MediaMonday

A fascinating podcast about the musical Hamilton, where each episode features different groups of interesting people talking about a single track from the Original Broadway Cast Recording.

Daring Fireball blog 🔗 #MediaMonday

I hardly need to link to John Gruber’s blog, since it is very well known and respected in the Apple community, but it is one of the few blogs I read, so deserves a mention.