In March 2013 we attended the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, and saw talks with Billy Dee Williams, Walter Koenig, Burt Ward, Adam West, Patrick Stewart, and others. #ThrowbackThursday

Billy Dee Williams

Walter Koenig

Burt Ward and Adam West

Patrick Stewart

The answer to today’s #WhatsItWednesday question: it’s the temperature probe for the wet bay thermostat in our coach, that heats the wet bay if it gets too cold. Which we may need at our current RV park, since it might dip below freezing overnight. 🚌🌡

Temperature dial and probe

Temperature dial and probe in wet bay

Wet bay of our RV

Let’s play What’s It Wednesday again. What do you think this is? What is it for, and where is it? #WhatsItWednesday 

What is this?