Rory is at daycare today, getting a bath and playtime. Here’s her from evening rounds a couple of days ago, when she saw a deer. 🐕🦌

Rory and deer


It’s below freezing overnight now, so I’ve put out the hummingbird feeder heater, the heated dog bowl, and the heated cat bowl. Plus the chickens and ducks have water heaters, too, all to prevent the water from freezing. ❄️

Hummingbird heater

Heated dog bowl (and ice from non-heated bowl)

Heated cat bowl

Much appreciation to the best mother-in-law in the world for taking care of our house, Rory, Paladin, Pippin, the feral cats, the ducks, and the chickens while we were away in Cancun. As much as we enjoy caring for all those animals, they do make travel difficult, so we’re very thankful Mom was able to help us.