My home office back in 2011, with a height-adjustable desk, iMac and Apple Cinema Display, PowerMac G5, PowerBook 17”, early iPhone, and Bluetooth headphones. And a couple of cats, Pippin and Padmé. #ThrowbackThursday




iPhone and headphones


Since some people asked, our estate sale is scheduled for September 9-12. The old Macs I’m selling include:

  1. Original iMac G3 (powers on, drive doesn’t mount).
  2. Graphite iBook G3 (power supply dead).
  3. 2005 Mac mini G4 (powers on, I couldn’t get it to display anything).
  4. PowerMac G5 (works).
  5. Old-school clear plastic Apple Cinema Display and Apple Cinema Display HD (works with G5), and aluminum Cinema Display HD.
  6. 2006 MacBook Pro (works on power supply only).
  7. 2008 MacBook Pro (works).
  8. Two mid-2011 iMacs (works).
  9. 2013 MacBook Air (works).
  10. 2017 iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch (works).
  11. About 10 hard drives of various sizes.
  12. A bunch of spare keyboards etc.
  13. I also have a bunch of ancient iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Palm devices, and various other stuff.

They will be included in the estate sale in September. Put it on your calendar if interested in them, or our other stuff. It’s going to be a huge event! Sorry, no advance sales.

iMac G3

Old Macs etc

(Everything in that picture will be for sale, other than the contents of the two plastic bins on the floor.)

As part of preparing for our estate sale, I’m wiping my many old Macs and hard drives, all of which will be sold. Here’s my old PowerMac G5, running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. (If anyone in the Portland region wants some old Macs, plan to come to the sale!) 🖥

Power Mac G5

Power Mac G5

Power Mac G5

Another picture from WWDC in 2006; looking down at people at charging station tables. Mac laptop batteries didn’t last all that long back then.

Charging station tables

The challenge word for day 29 (a bonus day) is “light”. The sunlight reflecting off my desk in the morning is blinding; I need to put something there to reduce that glare. 📷 #mbfeb

Sunlight on desk