Another picture from WWDC in 2006; looking down at people at charging station tables. Mac laptop batteries didn’t last all that long back then.

Charging station tables

The challenge word for day 29 (a bonus day) is “light”. The sunlight reflecting off my desk in the morning is blinding; I need to put something there to reduce that glare. 📷 #mbfeb

Sunlight on desk

The challenge word for day 25 is “code”. I write macOS and iOS code for a living. Also I need to clean my screen. 📷 #mbfeb

Mac showing Xcode project

The challenge word for day 11 is “machine”. I have a collection of old Macs in a corner of my office; antique PowerPC-based machines, including an early iBook, an original iMac, a G5 tower, a Mac mini, plus some ancient displays etc. 💻🖥📷 #mbfeb

Antique Macs

A couple more old reference books: the manuals for THINK’s Lightspeed Pascal (1988) and THINK Pascal (1991), plus some more books on my shelf. 📚

Pascal manuals

Pascal manuals

Old books on shelf