The challenge word for day 29 (a bonus day) is “light”. The sunlight reflecting off my desk in the morning is blinding; I need to put something there to reduce that glare. 📷 #mbfeb

Sunlight on desk

The challenge word for day 25 is “code”. I write macOS and iOS code for a living. Also I need to clean my screen. 📷 #mbfeb

Mac showing Xcode project

The challenge word for day 11 is “machine”. I have a collection of old Macs in a corner of my office; antique PowerPC-based machines, including an early iBook, an original iMac, a G5 tower, a Mac mini, plus some ancient displays etc. 💻🖥📷 #mbfeb

Antique Macs

A couple more old reference books: the manuals for THINK’s Lightspeed Pascal (1988) and THINK Pascal (1991), plus some more books on my shelf. 📚

Pascal manuals

Pascal manuals

Old books on shelf

Yesterday I moved back into my upstairs office, after being downstairs since October 2016. As a bonus, I now have another screen (as if I didn’t have plenty). Some leftover junk to tidy away still. Jenn has now moved to the downstairs desk (3rd pic, when empty). 💻🖥🖥

Upstairs office


Downstairs desk

The challenge word for day 19 is “possible”. With everyone raving about Apple’s new M1 Macs, I can feel my resistance to buying one breaking down… it’s possible I’ll end up getting one after all… for my work, yeah. 💻 #mbnov

MacBook Air