I will turn 52 years old in May, and there are 52 weeks in a year, so I thought I’d celebrate by posting one photo from each year of my life every Thursday in 2021. 

For last week, here’s a dusty pic of me from 1969 as a 3 week old baby. #ThrowbackThursday #52years

David 3 weeks old

Paladin on my lap this morning. He’s not a lap cat most of the time, but occasionally will demand some brief lap time. 🐈

David and Paladin




The Micro.blog challenge word for day 28 is “mask”. Fortunately I don’t need to leave my homestead very often, other than for feed store or Costco shopping… but when I do, it’s time to put on my mask. Such is life in pandemic times. 📷😷🦠 #mbnov

David in a mask