Mask selfie when going to the post office and feed store today. Looks kinda silly with my beard, but it’s the way of the world nowadays. Wear a mask, people. 😷

David with a mask

I’m fortunate that I don’t need to leave the homestead very often: it’s been 57 days since the last time, when I picked up the ducklings (and I went 61 days earlier this year). But today I did, to get duck and chicken food, straw, and mower gas.

David with a beard mask

Duck and chicken food, straw, mower gas

Chicken food

David after storing straw

It’s duckling day! This morning I headed to the post office to pick them up (and get some gas for the mowers on the way). Here’s me in my beard-compatible mask for these pandemic days. (Stay tuned for lots of duckling pics.)

David with mask