Something a little different for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday: some of my favorite photos from 2019. I have picked one photo from each month; sometimes just because I like it, sometimes as a reminder of a trip, or other reasons.

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A koru art sculpture in our garden, representing a fern leaf unfurling. A very Kiwi theme, by a Kiwi artist:

A koru art sculpture


A 1936 vintage Underwood Noiseless Portable typewriter I bought for as a gift for Jenn:



Buffy peeking out of a nesting box in the chicken coop:



At a wine bar in Manzanita, during our anniversary trip to the Oregon Coast:

Jenn at wine bar


Birthday trip to Hawaii:

Sunset with palm trees in Hawaii


The Accidental Tech Podcast live show, during WWDC week in San Jose:

Accidental Tech Podcast live show


The Parrott House in Roseburg, on the way home from Ashland. It’s a restaurant, with very tasty fries:

The Parrott House


A picture of summer: our deck at dusk, with the movie screen, new gazebo, new pool deck extension, swimming pool, and various lights and lanterns:

Deck at dusk


A goat at the Oregon State Fair:



In Cancun, Mexico for the Release Notes conference:

Cancun resort


Wine tasting, antipasto platter lunch, and club pickup at Marchesi Vineyards:

Wine and antipasto platter


Lots of hummingbirds:


In October 2000 we sold our NZ house in preparation for moving to the US, and temporarily moved into a small apartment on Prince’s Wharf. We quite enjoyed the downtown lifestyle for those few months. (Our apartment didn’t have a water view, though; it was in the middle of two buildings). #ThrowbackThursday

Prince's Wharf apartments

Prince's Wharf apartments

QE2 docked at aparments

QE2 docked at apartments

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for lots of things, including my blog followers, customers, friends, and family. It’s still a Thursday, so here’s our turkey from 2015. #ThrowbackThursday 🦃

Thanksgiving turkey.