Today’s moment of cuteness: Rory sitting on the path to the duck house, and the ducks debating if they’re brave enough to walk past her (nope; they went around the other way).

Rory and ducks

Rory and ducks

I can’t help myself… another moment of cuteness, with two of our feral cats snuggling in one heated cabin this morning.

Cat snuggles

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Our ancient indoor cat tower (or “tree”) was slowly disintegrating, so we recently replaced it with a new one. Pippin- and Paladin-approved.

Old falling apart cat tower

New tower parts




Cat tower

Pippin and Paladin

A moment of cuteness from the afternoon rounds yesterday: while collecting eggs from the chickens, the ducks came over to say hi, and Rory was a good girl, just sitting and not trying to get to them. 🦆🐕

Ducks and dog