With the recent 10th anniversary of the iPad introduction, I was just thinking about my current one, the first generation iPad Pro 12.9″, purchased in November 2015 (along with the Logitech keyboard case).

A great device. Crazy that it’s still going strong; it doesn’t feel slow at all. The keyboard still works well, too. I did use Apple’s keyboard cover for a year or so, but it eventually died.

I do plan to get a new iPad Pro when this year’s models are released; it’s about time. But I’ll probably continue using this one, perhaps as a bedroom reader or something.

Original iPad Pro 12.9 from 2015

Think I have enough screens?  In the back, old iMac showing cameras, new iMac with Xcode, and Jenn’s iMac; in front, iPad Pro with social media (Micro.blog here), old iPad mini with another camera, iPhone Qi charger, and MacBook Pro with OmniFocus notes.

Macs and iPad

Our clothes washer had multiple issues, so it was time to replace it. We got a new LG washer and matching dryer, plus a cute little second washer that goes underneath the main one like a drawer (and a regular drawer under the dryer).

New washer and dryer

Mini washer and drawer

Mini washer closed

Washer controls

Dryer controls

New washer and dryer

I feel my resistance breaking down… I am very tempted by the MacBook Pro 16”, and today my aging non-retina MacBook Air (2014) was starting to act flaky… and Jenn keeps saying I should buy the 16 for our big trip next year. I’m feeling a big purchase on Black Friday is increasingly likely. I use an iMac as my main machine, so don’t really need a powerful laptop most of the time… but it would be a nice upgrade for those times I do.

Waking up at 05:00 to confirm the Upgrade Program preorder of my iPhone 11 Pro Max (256 GB, midnight green) is much easier for me than midnight. I often wake up at 05:00 anyway. But hey, noon would be even better. Anyway, done; delivers Sep 27 – Oct 1.

I run our portable generator every three months, to keep it operational. We typically just wait out the occasional power cut, but it’s reassuring to have this in case we ever have a really long cut. #dejus365