Health update: I’m feeling much better now. Still a cough persisting, as these things do, but otherwise fine. Jenn is feeling unwell too, but also improving. We both did at-home COVID tests today, just in case, but both were negative. So just the normal bugs. 🦠

Ellume COVID-19 home test

Negative test result

That’ll teach me not to go out amongst the unwashed masses. In bed with a mild fever. Hopefully not COVID, but at least I’m fully vaccinated, so I don’t need to worry too much about symptoms or transmissibility. 🦠🌡🛌

102.3 °F fever

The answer to today’s #WhatsItWednesday question (which nobody correctly guessed): it’s the controls for my height-adjustable desk. The number buttons are height presets, and the screen shows the height in inches. Not that I’ve used it in standing mode for a few years.

Height adjustable desk controls

Height adjustable desk

Height adjustable desk

I had a relaxing day in bed yesterday, enjoying a second-vaccination fever with a high score of 102.2°F, which broke just before bedtime. This morning I feel totally fine, other than some mild lingering arm soreness. Not a big deal at all. Get vaccinated! 💉🦠🌡🛌

Thermometer at 102.2 F

The answer to today’s #WhatsItWednesday question: it’s a Otodata sensor and cellular transmitter to report the level of our propane tank to the supplier. They just installed it. So hopefully now they won’t have to guess if we need a refill.

Propane tank level monitor

Propane tank level gauge with sensor

Propane tank level monitor