Late to the party, but I just got a new gadget: the 12.9” iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. Loving it so far. Though may need stands to raise up my iMacs, since it obscures the bottom third of the cams.

Magic Keyboard box

Magic Keyboard out of box

iPad Pro on Magic Keyboard

iPad Pro in front of iMac

Yesterday I took the blade guards off my DJI Mavic Mini drone. (I still have the stickers reminding me how to unfold the arms, since I haven’t done that very often yet; I’ll remove those soon.) 🚁

Drone hovering

Drone hovering

Drone hovering

Drone landing

As mentioned this morning, I got a new drone, a DJI Mavic Mini. It’s a small, lightweight drone with some nice features like GPS and gimbaled camera. Here are a bunch of pictures of the drone, and a few initial pictures taken from it.

Folded drone and unfolded controller

Folded drone

Folded drone underside

Unfolded drone

Unfolded drone

Camera on gimbal

Ultra light drone

Blade guards

Blade guards

House and Rory


Mount Hood

With the recent 10th anniversary of the iPad introduction, I was just thinking about my current one, the first generation iPad Pro 12.9″, purchased in November 2015 (along with the Logitech keyboard case).

A great device. Crazy that it’s still going strong; it doesn’t feel slow at all. The keyboard still works well, too. I did use Apple’s keyboard cover for a year or so, but it eventually died.

I do plan to get a new iPad Pro when this year’s models are released; it’s about time. But I’ll probably continue using this one, perhaps as a bedroom reader or something.

Original iPad Pro 12.9 from 2015