Paladin sat next to Pippin, which could be sweet, but inevitably means hassling long-suffering Pip. Pip was swishing his tail in annoyance, which Paladin thought was a fun toy. (Photo and two GIFs.)  🐈

Pippin and Paladin

Pippin and Paladin

Pippin and Paladin

Our pond is partially frozen this morning; the first time this season. It’ll probably melt in a few hours, once the temperature is above freezing. Here’s a time-lapse GIF of the ducks swimming in the non-frozen part. β„οΈπŸ¦†

GIF of pond

The first photo I took of the hummingbirds this morning was accidentally a 1-second video… perfect for a quick GIF, so why not. Dance birds, dance! 🐦

GIF of hummingbirds

⚠️☒️ WARNING ☒️⚠️ Currently experiencing near lethal levels of cuteness. 🐈

Cat snuggles

What could be more wholesome: a GIF of Porcini affectionately licking her mother, Poppy, in the cat house. 🐈

Porcini licking Poppy