We’ll be heading home today. Here are some pictures from yesterday on our camping vacation, including a stroll down to the harbor beach, lunch, and a cat visitor. (We also went for a couple hours drive down the coast, and Chinese takeout for dinner; no pics of those.)


Path with trailer visible

Beach and bridge

Wet sand

Beach with driftwood

Jenn behind a tree stump

David and Jenn

Trailer awning

Food prep in the trailer

Scrambled eggs and sliced hot dog


Pictures from yesterday of our trailer vacation: the morning view, some seals enjoying low tide, a phone booth (kids, ask your parents), watching the view, eating Mo’s takeout dinner at a viewpoint, and playing board games in the evening.

Morning view



Phone booth


Mo's takeout

Mo's takeout

Board game

Jenn and I are about to head out to the Oregon coast on a trailer camping trip, using a rented trailer, as a short COVID-safe vacation. Our first time doing this! Should be an interesting experiment.


Inside the trailer

Inside the trailer

Big bathroom

Murphy bed

Murphy bed