Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Today we visited an adjacent theme park, Universal’s Islands of Adventure (which we passed through yesterday without exploring).

The adventure begins:

Buildings around the entry area:

The view across a lake:

Further on, there’s a Marvel superhero area:

And comic strip stuff:

We went on a number of rides, including this log flume ride (where we got rather wet):

Skull Island:

Jurassic Park stuff:

Our Gandalf toy in front of Hogwarts:

Jenn performing magic:


Lunch at Three Broomsticks; I really enjoyed all the British foods (and the butterbeer):

A cheesetastic show:

Dr Seuss stuff:

After we were done, we went back to the hotel and sat by the pool for a little while… until they closed the pool due to thunderstorms in the area. Ah, the joys of Florida:

A bit later, we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner:

Water taxis; we took them a few times, but most of the time preferred to walk the 10-minute stroll along the river between the hotel and parks:

We considered going here for dessert:

But decided to go to the hotel, where we got free desserts for my birthday:

That’s it; we head home tomorrow. It has been an enjoyable vacation… other than my travel fun; I hope the return journey goes more smoothly. We’ll probably be back someday.

Universal Orlando Resort

Jenn and I spent today exploring the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Here’s a plane by the hotel:

Water taxis between the resorts and parks, and a couple of the eateries:

Jenn near the entrance to the park:

Despicable Me:

A slice of San Francisco:

The knight bus from Harry Potter:

Krustyland from The Simpsons:

Speaking of:


Moe’s Tavern:


Jenn with Jebediah Springfield:

Chief Wiggam:

Krusty Burger:

Lard Lad:

Next to Springfield, a couple of Back to the Future bits:

Into Diagon Alley:

The dragon atop Gringotts Bank:

More Diagon Alley:

Monster book of monsters:

Self-knitting needles:

Inside Ollivander’s Wand shop:

Lunch at the Leaky Cauldron:

Frozen butterbeer and toad-in-the-hole:

The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo:

Jenn with Hello Kitty:

The Hogwarts Express:

After the train journey, the entrance to Hogsmeade:

Jenn casting a spell with her wand:


The Three Broomsticks:

Hog’s Head:


Dinner at Margaritaville:

Portland export Voodoo Doughnuts: