Quack quack! The newest ducklings have been hatched and shipped, so the quackage should arrive at my local post office for pickup either tomorrow or (more likely) Wednesday. 🚚🦆🎉

I’m fortunate that I don’t need to leave the homestead very often: it’s been 57 days since the last time, when I picked up the ducklings (and I went 61 days earlier this year). But today I did, to get duck and chicken food, straw, and mower gas.

David with a beard mask

Duck and chicken food, straw, mower gas

Chicken food

David after storing straw

Just got back from a trip to Costco. Certainly different than the last time we went there a couple of months ago. No rationing, and plenty of stocks of everything, but lots of social distancing signs and floor markers, cashier screens, etc.


Question: how much would you expect to pay for fresh eggs from a roadside farm stand? Our chickens are laying about a dozen a day at present, faster than we can give them away. We’re planning to put them by the road to sell. 🐓🥚

Egg cartons

Cooler lid