Just got back from a trip to Costco. Certainly different than the last time we went there a couple of months ago. No rationing, and plenty of stocks of everything, but lots of social distancing signs and floor markers, cashier screens, etc.


Question: how much would you expect to pay for fresh eggs from a roadside farm stand? Our chickens are laying about a dozen a day at present, faster than we can give them away. We’re planning to put them by the road to sell. 🐓🥚

Egg cartons

Cooler lid

Late to the party, but I just got a new gadget: the 12.9” iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. Loving it so far. Though may need stands to raise up my iMacs, since it obscures the bottom third of the cams.

Magic Keyboard box

Magic Keyboard out of box

iPad Pro on Magic Keyboard

iPad Pro in front of iMac

I wanted to do something special to celebrate and mark the occasion of our 25th anniversary. So I commissioned a custom necklace pendant… and in a reference back to our Mac-shaped wedding cake toppers and Mac history, I wanted to make one in the shape of a Mac, specifically a Macintosh Plus, my first Mac:

My first Mac

I scoured the web for silversmiths with the skill and interest in such a project, and found Gennady Larin of Pazori in St Petersburg. (His Etsy store has a lot of intricate works, though be warned, a lot of skull motifs.)

We worked together for a couple of months to come up with the design and refine it. An early concept was to faithfully replicate the appearance of the Mac; this is a 3D model he created for me:

Model with one stone

But we realized that using the scale-accurate dimensions would make a too-massive pendant. We experimented with a much thinner interpretation, plus plotting out our initials, DJ+JD in sapphires on the topaz “screen”, with a ruby representing the Apple logo:


In the end we settled on a design that more accurately preserves the Mac shape, while being more thin than the true proportions, and with a chain hole through the top to reduce the weight and keep it from twisting on the chain:


Once the design was finalized, Gennady bought the stones:


And cast the silver:


After finishing, polishing, and setting the stones, the final result:


On the back, an inscription celebrating the occasion, referring to the “four C’s” that we live by:


I purchased a chain separately, though it really needs a thicker chain. Here are the packaged pendant and chain:

Packaged pendant and chain

A closer look at the pendant, still wrapped in plastic so I don’t get fingerprints on it before giving it to Jenn:



Our ancient indoor cat tower (or “tree”) was slowly disintegrating, so we recently replaced it with a new one. Pippin- and Paladin-approved.

Old falling apart cat tower

New tower parts




Cat tower

Pippin and Paladin