Today we went to Home Depot for duck island parts, Costco for groceries (everyone was properly masked etc), then stopped for some tasty burritos from our favorite food cart on the way home. It’s been 4 months since the last time we ate something we didn’t make ourselves. 🌯

Le Torito Mexican food cart

We ordered a 14 lb whole turkey from Crowd Cow last week, which they shipped in 5 lb of dry ice. That would have been fine, except FedEx left it laying around their depot for a week, so it arrived totally defrosted, and we have to throw it out. 📦🦃

Turkey in box

The challenge word for day 13 is “guess”. When I ordered my iPhone 12 Pro Max, it said it’d be delivered today, but it has been pushed out to November 25; I can’t guess why, but hey, what’s a few more days. 📱 #mbnov

iPhone order

iPhone order

Whatcha got, human? Is it for me? (Yes, actually; it was cat food, in a box only staying closed by a few strands of the tape.) 📦🐈

Paladin in a box

Quack quack! The newest ducklings have been hatched and shipped, so the quackage should arrive at my local post office for pickup either tomorrow or (more likely) Wednesday. 🚚🦆🎉