We ordered a 14 lb whole turkey from Crowd Cow last week, which they shipped in 5 lb of dry ice. That would have been fine, except FedEx left it laying around their depot for a week, so it arrived totally defrosted, and we have to throw it out. 📦🦃

Turkey in box

The Micro.blog challenge word for day 13 is “guess”. When I ordered my iPhone 12 Pro Max, it said it’d be delivered today, but it has been pushed out to November 25; I can’t guess why, but hey, what’s a few more days. 📱 #mbnov

iPhone order

iPhone order

Whatcha got, human? Is it for me? (Yes, actually; it was cat food, in a box only staying closed by a few strands of the tape.) 📦🐈

Paladin in a box

Quack quack! The newest ducklings have been hatched and shipped, so the quackage should arrive at my local post office for pickup either tomorrow or (more likely) Wednesday. 🚚🦆🎉

I’m fortunate that I don’t need to leave the homestead very often: it’s been 57 days since the last time, when I picked up the ducklings (and I went 61 days earlier this year). But today I did, to get duck and chicken food, straw, and mower gas.

David with a beard mask

Duck and chicken food, straw, mower gas

Chicken food

David after storing straw