Our ancient indoor cat tower (or “tree”) was slowly disintegrating, so we recently replaced it with a new one. Pippin- and Paladin-approved.

Old falling apart cat tower

New tower parts




Cat tower

Pippin and Paladin

For the first time leaving the homestead this decade, I had a dental cleaning, then dropped off a package at the UPS store, Subway for lunch, feed store for chicken/duck/bird food, gas store for the truck’s food, and the post office to clear out the junk mail from the PO box. That’ll do me for a month or so.

Subway lunch

Feed store

Bird, chicken, duck food

Truck food

PO Box

Another thing we did yesterday was go to IKEA to buy a new bed or fold-out couch for Jenn’s office, to replace an uncomfortable couch (that the cats helped us remove). We ended up getting a nice daybed, so we now have a king-size guest bed in there.

IKEA shopping

Both cats helping remove the old couch

Daybed frame

Daybed expanded

Waking up at 05:00 to confirm the Upgrade Program preorder of my iPhone 11 Pro Max (256 GB, midnight green) is much easier for me than midnight. I often wake up at 05:00 anyway. But hey, noon would be even better. Anyway, done; delivers Sep 27 – Oct 1.

Stocking up at the feed store. Medicated feed for chicks, non-medicated and oats for ducklings, layer feed for the old chickens, sunflower seed for birds, pine shavings bedding for chicks and chickens, straw for ducks. Phew! #dejus365 🦆🐓

Chicken, duck, bird feed & bedding