The challenge word for day 24 is “baby”. Look what I spotted on the floating pond island: duck eggs! These probably aren’t fertilized, but now that they are starting to lay, we may have baby ducklings before long. 🦆🥚📷 #mbfeb

Ducks, pond, island, eggs

Duck eggs on the island

The challenge word for day 15 is “reflection”. A reflection in the pond of the ducks sleeping on the bank, amongst melting icy residue of the snow. ❄️🦆📷 #mbfeb


A couple of aerial photos from my drone of the snowy landscape around our pond and wider homestead. Not a huge amount of snow so far. You can see the new pond island in the center of the pond, and ducks nearby. ❄️🦆


Aerial snow

The challenge word for day 9 is “muddy”. Guess what happens when you add dirt and water together? Some muddy glop. But great for the base of the new duck island. 🏝🦆📷 #mbfeb

Dirt and water