The challenge word for day 27 is “pompasetting”, which apparently is a Caribbean word for showing off. So here’s me pompasetting or showing off a rare snuggly Paladin on my lap this morning. (Paladin snuggling isn’t rare, but on a lap is.) 🐈📷 #mbfeb

David and Paladin

The challenge word for day 26 is “favourite”. Since it’s Flock Friday, I’ll admit that my favorite chicken is Merida. She’s just so friendly, always coming up to me to greet me, and lets me pet her. 🐓📷 #mbfeb


The challenge word for day 25 is “code”. I write macOS and iOS code for a living. Also I need to clean my screen. 📷 #mbfeb

Mac showing Xcode project

For week/year 8 of my 52 years celebration, another picture from sometime in the 1970’s, of me making a snowman (and my father at the edge of the frame). Seems appropriate given the surprise snow yesterday. #ThrowbackThursday #52years

David making a snowman