I’m fortunate that I don’t need to leave the homestead very often: it’s been 57 days since the last time, when I picked up the ducklings (and I went 61 days earlier this year). But today I did, to get duck and chicken food, straw, and mower gas.

David with a beard mask

Duck and chicken food, straw, mower gas

Chicken food

David after storing straw

Nobody guessed the answer to today’s What’s It Wednesday question. The answer: a ChickenGuard pop door opener on the chicken coop, that lifts and lowers the door the chickens use to go to their run. #WhatsItWednesday

Chicken coop pop door opener

Today we had lunch on the pond deck (with homemade sourdough rolls). Forgive the dirty table; we haven’t used it for quite some time. We really should do that more often, but it’s less convenient than just using the house’s main deck.

Lunch at the pond