We’ll be heading home today. Here are some pictures from yesterday on our camping vacation, including a stroll down to the harbor beach, lunch, and a cat visitor. (We also went for a couple hours drive down the coast, and Chinese takeout for dinner; no pics of those.)


Path with trailer visible

Beach and bridge

Wet sand

Beach with driftwood

Jenn behind a tree stump

David and Jenn

Trailer awning

Food prep in the trailer

Scrambled eggs and sliced hot dog


A very happy birthday to my delightful wife @jidabug! 🎂🎈🎁❤️🎉😘 (This is a picture from around this time last year, a trip to Hood River, the last vacation of the Before Times.)


Today is a notable milestone for me: I have now been married for exactly half of my life. 9445 days between my birth and wedding date; 9445 days between our wedding date and today. (My birthday is in May, our anniversary in April, and now it’s February… funny how time works.)

David and Jenn wedding picture

A bunch of pictures from a “Bridge Stride” event that Jenn participated in (and I took pictures of) in 2005, where people got to walk and ride over a couple of Portland’s bridges. #ThrowbackThursday

Bridge Stride

Bridge Stride

Bridge Stride

Bridge Stride

Bridge bolts

Bridge Stride



Train station

Jenn at finish of Bridge Stride