Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for lots of things, including my blog followers, customers, friends, and family. It’s still a Thursday, so here’s our turkey from 2015. #ThrowbackThursday 🦃

Thanksgiving turkey.

I feel my resistance breaking down… I am very tempted by the MacBook Pro 16”, and today my aging non-retina MacBook Air (2014) was starting to act flaky… and Jenn keeps saying I should buy the 16 for our big trip next year. I’m feeling a big purchase on Black Friday is increasingly likely. I use an iMac as my main machine, so don’t really need a powerful laptop most of the time… but it would be a nice upgrade for those times I do.

Rory is at daycare today, getting a bath and playtime. Here’s her from evening rounds a couple of days ago, when she saw a deer. 🐕🦌

Rory and deer


Installed new under-cabinet lights in the kitchen, to replace the older light strips that kept cutting out.

Under-cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lights

Under-cabinet lights