We had food truck burritos for dinner tonight… which is the first time we’ve had food not prepared by us since March 6. Tasted so good! 🌯


A pepperoni pizza made with Gus Mueller’s recipe and my sourdough starter, cooked in my indoor oven. Not my best shaping effort. A more interesting and chewy texture than my usual recipe, and turned out much better than my previous sourdough pizza attempt. 🍕

Pepperoni pizza

Today’s sourdough loaves turned out better than the last couple times, thanks to some tweaks (mainly reducing hydration). Still room for improvement, but getting there. 🍞

Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread

Last night’s pepperoni pizza, cooked in my Ooni Koda oven, made with sourdough for the first time. More chewy than usual. Not sure we liked the whole wheat component, though. 🍕

Pizza and Ooni Koda oven