Happy St Patrick’s Day! We enjoyed some homemade soda bread plus slow-cooker corned beef, carrots, and spuds. ☘️

Soda bread

Soda bread

Soda bread, corned beef, carrots, potatoes

What do you do when making a double batch of chocolate banana bread, and you realize there aren’t any eggs in the house? Why, go out to the chicken coop and get some freshly laid ones, of course.

Chocolate banana bread ingredients

The word for day 22 of the Micro.blog photo challenge is “spectacle”. Watching Rory lick sour cream off a spoon is quite the spectacle, with slobber and sour cream going everywhere. #mbfeb

Rory licking sour cream off spoon

The word for day 16 of the Micro.blog photo challenge is “rest”. Letting my roast potato and Canadian bacon pizza rest for a moment before cutting it and adding dollops of sour cream. Mmm, tasty. #mbfeb

Roast potato and Canadian bacon pizza

For the past four nights, I made small individual pizzas for my dinners, from the amount of dough I’d normally use for one pizza, but split into four portions. 🍕

Pepperoni pizza

Canadian bacon & pineapple pizza

Pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni & pineapple pizza