The challenge word for day 30 (another bonus) is “privacy”. One year ago today was the last time I ate in a restaurant, the closest one to home, which I won’t name for privacy reasons. 🍔📷 #mbfeb

Burger and fries

The challenge word for day 23 is “banana”. We don’t have any bananas at present, so I searched my photo library for a picture… close, photos app, but these are not bananas. 🚫🍌📷 #mbfeb

Not bananas

The challenge word for day 19 is “alive”. Quality feed not only keeps our chickens alive, but also healthy, happy, and productive, when combined with tasty treats. 🐓📷 #mbfeb

Chicken feed

The challenge word for day 10 is “energy”. Homemade pizza is a tasty source of energy. Margherita for me, puttanesca for @jidabug (larger portion for me, as she doesn’t eat leftover pizza). 🍕📷 #mbfeb


The challenge word for day 7 is “craving”. Sometimes it’s really enjoyable to satiate a craving for a burger and tots. (Beyond Meat fake patty, American cheese, pineapple ring, sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, brioche bun, plus tater tots.) 🍔📷 #mbfeb

Burger and tots

Jenn wasn’t feeling well this morning, and wanted breakfast in bed, so I took the opportunity to make myself a tasty Canadian bacon and tomato omelette. Been a while since I had one.

Ham and tomato omelette

Today we went to Home Depot for duck island parts, Costco for groceries (everyone was properly masked etc), then stopped for some tasty burritos from our favorite food cart on the way home. It’s been 4 months since the last time we ate something we didn’t make ourselves. 🌯

Le Torito Mexican food cart

The answer to today’s #WhatsItWednesday question, as correctly identified on it’s my pizza dough being held up to the light while stretching, to check for thinness (aka the windowpane test). I like really thin bases and puffy edges. 🍕 

Pizza dough windowpane test

Pepperoni pizza

Puffy pepperoni pizza. I’m currently experimenting with 4-night cold proofing; I divide and feed my sourdough starter on Wednesday, and feed the countertop copy again that night, then prepare the pizza dough on Thursday, putting in the fridge till Monday. 🍕

Pepperoni pizza