To celebrate being maxxinated today, @jidabug and I went to the local restaurant (yes, there’s only one) for a tasty lunch. The first time I’ve been in a restaurant (the same one, as it happens) since March 2, 2020. 💉🦠🍔🍟

Burger and fries

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday; I appreciate them. I had a pleasant day of relaxing, and @jidabug made French toast for breakfast, my favorite dinner (schnitzel and baked spud), and a tasty birthday cake. 🎂

Schnitzel, baked spud, peas for dinner

Birthday cake

Mmm, tasty: @jidabug made some excellent sausage rolls tonight. Delightfully flaky pastry, and a very nice mix of pork and bison, for a uniquely American twist. Delectable, though kinda made me homesick for NZ.

Sausage rolls

The challenge word for day 30 (another bonus) is “privacy”. One year ago today was the last time I ate in a restaurant, the closest one to home, which I won’t name for privacy reasons. 🍔📷 #mbfeb

Burger and fries

The challenge word for day 23 is “banana”. We don’t have any bananas at present, so I searched my photo library for a picture… close, photos app, but these are not bananas. 🚫🍌📷 #mbfeb

Not bananas

The challenge word for day 19 is “alive”. Quality feed not only keeps our chickens alive, but also healthy, happy, and productive, when combined with tasty treats. 🐓📷 #mbfeb

Chicken feed