The challenge word for day 26 is “adjust”. Here’s the table setting for Thanksgiving last year. This year requires some adjustment, just Jenn and me. Stay safe out there, so you can celebrate future Thanksgivings! 📷 #mbnov

Thanksgiving table

We ordered a 14 lb whole turkey from Crowd Cow last week, which they shipped in 5 lb of dry ice. That would have been fine, except FedEx left it laying around their depot for a week, so it arrived totally defrosted, and we have to throw it out. 📦🦃

Turkey in box

The challenge word for day 24 is “provision”. Keeping ducks and chickens requires a lot of provisions. 📷 #mbnov

Duck and chicken food

What better treat for the chickens on Halloween than a pumpkin?! Plus I noticed a great-looking spiderweb between some of the pumpkins from our garden in the breezeway. 🕸🎃🐓

Pumpkins with spider web


Chickens with pumpkin

Chickens with pumpkin

I think I prefer pizzas done in my kitchen oven (like this from last night), rather than the Ooni. Using the same dough recipe, the pizzas get more crispy without burning. Whereas the Ooni ones are always kinda underdone with burnt edges. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. 🍕

Pepperoni pizza