Pizza toppings

I thought I’d do a little longer post today, showing photos of adding toppings to a recent pizza.

To start off, here’s the dough shaped and ready for toppings. I’ll post about making the dough another time:

I drizzle on a little olive oil; I don’t measure it, but getting the amount right is important; too little and it tastes bland and dry, too much and it tastes greasy:

Then I swirl on a couple of spoonfuls of my pizza sauce (more on that in the future, too, though it’s nothing fancy):

Sprinkle on some mozzarella cheese; I like it fairly thick, but not so thick that it obscures the sauce:

Add the other toppings; in this case big pepperoni slices:

A little more cheese:

Out of the oven, with nice crispy bits and puffy crust:

Sliced and ready to eat: