Another sign of fall — our swimming pool is full of leaves, so it’s time to take it down. Today I started the many-hours process of draining the pool, and will disassemble and put it away tomorrow. 🍂

Swimming pool full of leaves

GIF of water draining from pool

The answer to today’s What’s It Wednesday question, as correctly guessed by nobody, is a solar panel for our swimming pool, and specifically a repair I did to a burst in one of the tubes. Better luck next time! #WhatsItWednesday

Swimming pool and solar panels

Swimming pool solar panels

The photo challenge word for day 4 is “peace” (suggested by me!). Enjoying a moment of peace and tranquility in the quiet of the evening, watching the sunset. 📷🌅 #mbaug

Sunset and swimming pool


The answer to today’s What’s It Wednesday question: those are poles and supports for our above-ground swimming pool, which I’m in the process of setting up. #WhatsItWednesday

Swimming pool

Following up from yesterday’s picture, here’s the swimming pool liner folded up on the cart, about to go away in the workshop. See you in July!

Swimming pool liner on cart

Summer’s over; time to drain and put away the swimming pool. Didn’t get very many swims this year; seemed like a brief and cool summer, with only a few hot days.

Draining swimming pool