WWDC week recap: sjMacIndie, AltConf, ATP Live, Loop Bash

During WWDC week I’m too busy attending events and such to do blog posts. So I thought I’d do a week-delayed recap of some highlights of my time in San Jose.

I arrived in town on Sunday afternoon, and headed to the sjMacIndie party that evening, where I caught up with other developers I’ve met before, chatted with people I’ve only known online, and met new people. I wore a Dejal shirt, which made it easier for people to recognize me. It’s always nice to have someone come up to me and say how much they like one of my apps:



On Monday morning, I headed to the convention center to watch the WWDC keynote.  Since I wasn’t attending WWDC itself, I went past the very long line of WWDC attendees waiting to get in:

WWDC keynote line

Instead, I headed to AltConf, held at the next-door hotel:


I watched the keynote live-streamed, along with about 900 other developers:


That afternoon, I also watched the State of the Union livestream there; the keynote focusing more on the developer news.

A blue margarita at the AltConf happy hour:

Blue margarita

That evening, I attended a live recording of the Accidental Tech Podcast, which began with Alex Cox from Cards Against Humanity bringing John Siracusa a toaster to review; a hilarious callback to a long-running sponsorship spot when they’d do that instead of an ad read:

Marco, Casey, John, Alex

John taking a photo (during an ad read, if I recall correctly):

John takes a photo

Marco gave Stephen Hackett a trashcan Mac Pro for his collection:

Stephen gets a trashcan




After that show, I headed to the Loop Bash at the Ritz nightclub:

The Loop Bash

They had an open bar:


The nightclub was rather crowded:


The Houserockers performed:

The Houserockers

I didn’t last very long there, since it was too loud and crowded for my comfort. But I’m glad I went.

Tomorrow, Tuesday’s activities.