Yesterday’s second attempt at sourdough bread turned out a bit better than the first time, though still a bit too much hydration, I think. 🍞

Sourdough bread

Sourdough bread

My first sourdough bread loaves were a bit disappointing… they kinda sagged (and merged), so I guess had too much hydration. Tasted fine, though not particularly sourdough-y; I gather the flavor will improve as the starter ages. 🍞

First sourdough bread

First sourdough bread

It’s alive, ALIVE! It took 17 days, but my first sourdough starter has finally achieved doubling in size, and passes the float test. Now I have to figure out what to do with it. 🍞

Sourdough starter

Float test

A couple of days ago I made a loaf of bread using my usual no-knead recipe, but using whole wheat flour instead of bread flour, as an experiment. As expected, it turned out a bit differently; a little too much moisture content, and a bit more dense. 🍞

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread

Happy St Patrick’s Day! We enjoyed some homemade soda bread plus slow-cooker corned beef, carrots, and spuds. ☘️

Soda bread

Soda bread

Soda bread, corned beef, carrots, potatoes

What do you do when making a double batch of chocolate banana bread, and you realize there aren’t any eggs in the house? Why, go out to the chicken coop and get some freshly laid ones, of course.

Chocolate banana bread ingredients

I just made my first banana bread loaves, including chocolate chips. Turned out alright for a first try, though there are definitely things I could improve. 🍌🍞

Banana bread ingredients

Banana bread mixed

Banana bread in loaf pans

Banana bread cooked

Banana bread cooling

Banana bread cut

My no-knead bread recipe:


  • 4 cups bread flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon instant yeast
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 2 cups warm water


  1. Mix ingredients the day before in a big bowl with a mixing spoon. Form into a ball.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and leave overnight.
  3. About 3 hours before done time, discard plastic wrap & stir with a wet spatula. Re-form into a ball.
  4. Cover with a dish towel.
  5. An hour or so before done time, put a cast iron pot in the oven (without the lid) and pre-heat to 450ºF.
  6. When hot, take out the pot, put a sheet of parchment paper on top, and use a wet spatula to transfer the dough. Trim the paper if needed. 
  7. Cover pot and put in the oven for 37 minutes.
  8. Then uncover and bake for another 22 minutes, or until at least 208ºF.
  9. Remove and let cool on a wire rack.
  10. Eat with salted butter.