The challenge word for day 30 (another bonus) is “privacy”. One year ago today was the last time I ate in a restaurant, the closest one to home, which I won’t name for privacy reasons. 🍔📷 #mbfeb

Burger and fries

The challenge word for day 29 (a bonus day) is “light”. The sunlight reflecting off my desk in the morning is blinding; I need to put something there to reduce that glare. 📷 #mbfeb

Sunlight on desk

The challenge word for day 27 is “pompasetting”, which apparently is a Caribbean word for showing off. So here’s me pompasetting or showing off a rare snuggly Paladin on my lap this morning. (Paladin snuggling isn’t rare, but on a lap is.) 🐈📷 #mbfeb

David and Paladin