Cancun vacation, day 4

We had an all-day excursion to Chichén Itzá and a few other places today: about 11 hours round-trip.

Chichén Itzá is a collection of Mayan ruins on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Here’s the famous wonder of the new world, El Castillo:

The ball court:

Stone carvings of figures:

Inside the ball court:

More of the ball court:

A wall of skulls:

Feathered serpent heads:

The top of the pyramid:





More ruins:



The pyramid again:

Next we headed to a local village for a tasty lunch (plus sangria and horchata, rice water):

Lunch entertainment dancing:

Then we headed to a cenote (water-filled sinkhole)… with more dancing on the way in:

The cenote has a tunnel path to the water level, so people could go down to jump in to the frigid water:

It was certainly a long day, but definitely interesting.