Again, some bonus pictures taken for today’s challenge post, of the inverted AeroPress method and our coffee setup. ☕️

AeroPress inverted method

AeroPress inverted method

Dejal coffee mug

Coffee setup

The challenge word for day 26 is “adjust”. Here’s the table setting for Thanksgiving last year. This year requires some adjustment, just Jenn and me. Stay safe out there, so you can celebrate future Thanksgivings! 📷 #mbnov

Thanksgiving table

The photo challenge word for day 24 is “frosty” (suggested by @canion). It isn’t frosty weather here at present, so searching my photo archive revealed this frosty beverage with a foldable straw from our trip to Mexico last year (remember travel?). 📷 #mbaug

Frosty beverage

I’ve been trying the inverted AeroPress method over the last few days. I think I might prefer it, if only because it builds in steeping time while preparing the filter, plus easier to get to the filters without the plunger in the rack. ☕️

Inverted AeroPress