When traveling around, we are always excited to see a Dutch Bros Coffee stand, even in places like Texas. A little slice of the Pacific Northwest, and our favorite coffee chain (they are based in Grants Pass, Oregon). ☕️

Dutch Bros Coffee

The answer to today’s #WhatsItWednesday question: it’s woolen drink coaster, hand-made in Mexico, that we bought from a recent national park gift shop. We like them as they’re quieter, and no worries about them falling off, unlike the old stone ones we had.

Woolen coaster

Coffee on woolen coaster

Ooood nnning! I guess the Rebound podcast mug isn’t dishwasher safe. The paint is flaking off to the touch. Oops. I could make a joke about it being cheaply made like the podcast, but the mug and the podcast both still have delicious content.