Attending Swift by Northwest conference in Portland

I will be attending the Swift by Northwest conference in Portland on October 18-20. This is a sold-out conference for macOS and iOS developers, with a focus on the Swift programming language, and related topics.

I thought I’d write a post to introduce myself to other attendees.

My name is David Sinclair. I’m personally a quiet introvert, so if you see me, please feel welcome to introduce yourself. One of the main reasons for attending is to network with other developers and others in our industry, so I’ll be making an effort to awkwardly introduce myself to others.

I was born in New Zealand, so have a Kiwi accent, but my wife and I moved to the US in 2001, and I’m now a dual citizen. We live in the Portland region, about an hour out of town, on about 5 acres. I’ll be staying at the conference hotel, to make it easier for evening events, and because I don’t like driving, so wouldn’t want to commute in each day.

My personal blog is at I use this to post a daily photo of pizzas and other food, my pet cats and dog, and other things that don’t fit on the Dejal or Yellow Cottage Homestead blogs (see below), along with occasional random comments on life, the universe, and everything. It is cross-posted to, and Mastodon, or via RSS.

I am an indie macOS and iOS app developer.  My company is Dejal, where I have a number of apps including:

  • Simon: a pro macOS tool to monitor websites and servers for changes or failures.
  • Time Out: a popular macOS break reminder tool.
  • Pack: an iOS packing list.
  • Date Stamp: an iOS iMessage app to make customizable date stickers.
  • Chicken GIFs: a fun sticker pack of chicken GIFs.

I also offer consulting services, and am currently working on SheetPlanner for macOS and NewsBlur for iOS.

You can follow Dejal on Twitter,, or via RSS.

My wife and I also have another company called Yellow Cottage Homestead, where I blog about our feral cats, chickens, bees, lavender, and more. Let’s face it, most posts currently are about the colony of five feral cats that I care for, including the fancy shelter & feeder I built for them. I also post about other woodworking construction projects; the cat shelter, the chicken coop, and later this year a large berry cage for the veggie garden, compost bins, lumber storage, and other projects.  You can follow the homestead on Twitter,, or via RSS.

So that’s me. And this is what I look like; I’m easy to spot, just look for the epic beard, and bask in its majesty! I’ll probably be wearing Dejal shirts to the conference, though not the hat, being indoors:

Again, if you see me at the conference, say hi. I’ll have some business cards and stickers to hand out, if you’re interested: