WWDC week recap: Six Colors, Connected, Breakpoints

Continuing my week-delayed recap of my WWDC week.

Last year, while exploring San Jose, I happened to see Jason Snell and Dan Moren of Six Colors recording their secret subscriber podcast:

From 2018

This year, on Wednesday Jason mentioned in the Six Colors member Slack that he and Dan would do a recording in about half an hour. I was in my hotel room, catching up on things, and happened to see that. So I quickly hopped on a scooter and zipped downtown, arriving to find four other fans of their work. Dan and Jason soon arrived, got set up, and began recording:

Dan Moren & Jason Snell

The massive live audience of five guys, including me:

Live audience

Dan’s selfie; hey, there’s me, with my beard blowing in the breeze, as it does:

Dan's selfie

I then headed to AltConf, and chatted with some developers and others in the community, and had some passable rosé wine:


That evening, I headed back to the Hammer Theatre for the final podcast live show of the week, Relay FM’s Connected show. Once again I was up on the balcony, at the very front (the same seat as for the ATP show; not a bad spot). Here are the front few rows of the audience (many familiar faces down there):


Here are the stars of the show, Stephen Hackett, Myke Hurley, and Federico Viticci:

Connected show

Jason Snell joined them on stage to help decide a winner by asking Siri to flip a coin:

Jason flips a coin

Federico revealed his surprise (no spoilers here; see the show notes if curious):

Federico's surprise

They concluded with the two founders of Relay FM talking about their upcoming 5 year anniversary… or rather Stephen talking, and Myke trying not to cry:

Relay FM 5 years

After that, I headed back to the Ritz nightclub for the James Dempsey and the Breakpoints happy hour:

Breakpoints happy hour

A brief word of thanks for App Camp for Girls, for which this was a fundraiser:

App Camp thanks

I didn’t stick around for the actual music (which I’ve heard many times before), as it was again too noisy for my taste.

(Edit: I was going to do another post on Thursday and Friday, but decided to just append it here, as nothing particularly interesting happened.)

That’s pretty much it for my WWDC week. On Thursday I just studied a bunch of SwiftUI tutorials, took some pictures of planes, and attended the AltConf “Week in Review” session:

AltConf Week in Review

Then Friday I headed home. And glad to be back… except for the WWDC-crud I brought home with me; I’ve been coughing up a storm for the past week, barely able to speak. Slowly improving, though.