Techmeme Ride Home podcast 📡#MediaMonday

A daily tech news podcast, around 15 minutes, with free ad-supported or paid ad-free editions (I prefer the latter). They cover all kinds of tech, not just Apple.

Pod4Ham podcast 📡 #MediaMonday

A fascinating podcast about the musical Hamilton, where each episode features different groups of interesting people talking about a single track from the Original Broadway Cast Recording.

Upgrade podcast 📡 #MediaMonday

An excellent Apple-focused podcast, that talks about hardware, software, services, and related topics. Topical today, they have excellent discussion of WWDC announcements.

With the addition of the recent ATP, Upgrade+, and Connected Plus subscriptions, I’m now paying over $100 per month for podcast & blog memberships. Which while a lot, is worth it to me for all the hours of entertainment they provide. And in several cases, bonus content like after-shows, unedited shows, or no ads. I wish more of my favorite podcasts offered such options, especially no ads. 💵📡

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