Upgrade podcast 📡 #MediaMonday

An excellent Apple-focused podcast, that talks about hardware, software, services, and related topics. Topical today, they have excellent discussion of WWDC announcements.

With the addition of the recent ATP, Upgrade+, and Connected Plus subscriptions, I’m now paying over $100 per month for podcast & blog memberships. Which while a lot, is worth it to me for all the hours of entertainment they provide. And in several cases, bonus content like after-shows, unedited shows, or no ads. I wish more of my favorite podcasts offered such options, especially no ads. 💵📡

Podcast subscriptions

I admit, I usually skip podcast ads that I’ve heard lots of times before, but I rewound Upgrade 295 to listen to the Fully spot, and was glad I did; a fascinating story. Visiting their site, interested to see they’re Portland-based, too.

I sell my Dejal Time Out app via a supporter model, and like to help support other creators that I enjoy.

I’m a supporter / patron / member of several podcasts, including (in alphabetic order):

I typically go for the $10/month or annual equivalent level, where available (I do prefer annual). There are lots of podcasts that don’t have memberships that I’d support if they did, including the Accidental Tech Podcast and The Talk Show; I contribute to those by buying their merch.

Check out those podcasts if they sound interesting, and please consider helping to support them if you enjoy their work.

(Sometime I plan to do a series of posts on the podcasts that I enjoy, if that sounds interesting.)