Alright, one last picture for today; the ducks in the pond this afternoon, with Sassa flapping her wings. Did you enjoy these (roughly) hourly homestead pictures today? Want me to do it again tomorrow? 🦆


Another fun chicken picture: Buffy getting ready to jump up to try to reach some high kale leaves in the veggie garden, with Domino in the foreground. 🐓


On the homestead blog: today I added the last project summary page, Deck, to the Project Summaries pages. The Deck one links to two deck-related projects from last year. These pages serve as useful references, more easy to find than searching through blog posts.

What could be more wholesome: a GIF of Porcini affectionately licking her mother, Poppy, in the cat house. 🐈

Porcini licking Poppy

Another picture for your enjoyment and distraction. More fun than watching results coming in is watching the cats on my cams; here’s a screenshot, showing a cat in a cabin, two snuggling in their house, and one eating. 🐈

Cat cams screenshot

Since this election stuff is still dragging on, and we could all use some distractions, how about some more frequent pictures from my homestead… like the ducks a few minutes ago. Please share, and follow me for more soon.  🦆


The challenge word for day 4 is “near“. Our feral cats enjoy sleeping near each other inside their heated cat house. 📷🐈 #mbnov