The snow has almost all gone, and we have power, so time to put the heating pad back on the hummingbird feeder. 🐦



I grew up reading science fiction in bed every night, but in the past few years I’ve been reading Twitter instead. Perhaps not the most soothing bedtime reading. Yesterday I decided to resume reading SF, starting with Dan Moren’s book The Caledonian Gambit. 📚

The challenge word for day 16 is “erudite”. Maybe the erudite folks who made the feral cat feeder could figure out that the best way to cope with low batteries when the power is off might not be to continuously dump all of the food? 🐈📷 #mbfeb

Cat feeder

Cat food

We’ve long thought about getting a whole-house generator, so our well etc can still work during a power cut. After the long outages during summer wildfires and winter storms, and the likelihood such climate changes will continue, that has jumped to the top of our priorities. 🔌

Our electricity came back on last night after dinner. Phew! It has had a couple of brownouts since then, but so far so good. Things are still very messy locally and nationally, so we could lose power again, but hopefully not. Our total: about 69 hours without power. 🔌