Today is a notable milestone for me: I have now been married for exactly half of my life. 9445 days between my birth and wedding date; 9445 days between our wedding date and today. (My birthday is in May, our anniversary in April, and now it’s February… funny how time works.)

David and Jenn wedding picture

We both woke up at around 03:30 this morning, and couldn’t get back to sleep, eventually giving up and getting up around 05:30. That used to be a normal time for us, but we’ve been more like 07:00 of late. Today is going to hurt. 😴💤

The challenge word for day 9 is “muddy”. Guess what happens when you add dirt and water together? Some muddy glop. But great for the base of the new duck island. 🏝🦆📷 #mbfeb

Dirt and water