The challenge word for day 19 is “possible”. With everyone raving about Apple’s new M1 Macs, I can feel my resistance to buying one breaking down… it’s possible I’ll end up getting one after all… for my work, yeah. 💻 #mbnov

MacBook Air

Congrats to the people at Apple on the release of Macs using the new Apple Silicon M1 chip. Looks like excellent improvements in several kinds of performance. I’m not in the market for a new Mac yet, but will be keen to upgrade when the iMac joins the transition.

Watched the Apple Mac & iPad event this morning. That’ll eventually be an expensive event: I want a new 12.9″ iPad (with keyboard & Pencil), Jenn wants a new 11″ iPad, she also wants a new Mac mini (to replace her aging iMac), and I want a new MacBook Air (to replace my old one).

But none of it is urgent, so I won’t be ordering anything just yet.