Health update: I’m feeling much better now. Still a cough persisting, as these things do, but otherwise fine. Jenn is feeling unwell too, but also improving. We both did at-home COVID tests today, just in case, but both were negative. So just the normal bugs. 🦠

Ellume COVID-19 home test

Negative test result

That’ll teach me not to go out amongst the unwashed masses. In bed with a mild fever. Hopefully not COVID, but at least I’m fully vaccinated, so I don’t need to worry too much about symptoms or transmissibility. 🦠🌡🛌

102.3 °F fever

To celebrate being maxxinated today, @jidabug and I went to the local restaurant (yes, there’s only one) for a tasty lunch. The first time I’ve been in a restaurant (the same one, as it happens) since March 2, 2020. 💉🦠🍔🍟

Burger and fries

Today I am maxxinated, i.e. it’s been two weeks since my second Moderna COVID-19 vaccination. Such a sense of relief. I’m still not in any hurry to go into a restaurant or be without a mask around other people, but I could. 💉🦠

I had a relaxing day in bed yesterday, enjoying a second-vaccination fever with a high score of 102.2°F, which broke just before bedtime. This morning I feel totally fine, other than some mild lingering arm soreness. Not a big deal at all. Get vaccinated! 💉🦠🌡🛌

Thermometer at 102.2 F

Yay, here comes the vaccination fever! I think I’ll spend the rest of the day in bed. Totally worth it, though; I’m sure I’ll feel better by tomorrow, and won’t have to worry about becoming unexpectedly dead from COVID. Get your vaccinations, people! 💉🦠🌡🛌🦸🏼

I just got my second COVID-19 vaccination today (Moderna), at a drive-thru clinic again. Less busy than the first time, no waiting to get the shot. Easy, and now I have superpowers! Well, in two weeks when I’m “maxxinated”; the best birthday present. Such a relief. 💉🦠

COVID-19 vaccination record card

I got my first COVID-19 vaccination today (Moderna), at a drive-thru clinic (what’s more American than drive-thru vaccinations?!). Quite an easy process, and definitely a relief to start the clock on immunity. Back there in a month for number two. 💉🦠

Lines to get vaccine

Lines to get vaccine

15 minute delay afterwards

My vaccination card