Cancun vacation: a long travel day

This morning we woke up at 1:30 AM to get to the airport, to fly from Portland to Cancun, via Houston, for a vacation.

We did splurge on flight upgrades, which made them much more pleasant. We got first-class upgrades for the Portland to Houston leg, which included a tasty breakfast (and of course much more comfortable seats):

Plus business class for the Houston to Cancun leg, which included nice lunches:

One of the first views of Mexico:

After almost two hours waiting in the immigration line in Cancun, and half an hour waiting for the hotel transport, we arrived at the resort. (Note to self: Don’t travel on Easter Sunday.)

Our room had some nice celebrations of our anniversary:

The view from the deck:

The resort is all-inclusive, with several restaurants. Appropriately, we opted for Mexican cuisine for dinner:

Tomorrow we’ll explore the resort, do a bit of swimming, and general relaxing.