Ooni Koda pizza oven

I fired up my new Ooni Koda outdoor gas-powered pizza oven for the first time tonight, and made a couple of pepperoni pizzas.

It may never be this clean again:

Ooni Koda pizza oven

Looking inside at the flame. It heats to about 900°F (480°C) at the back and 700°F (370°C) at the front in about 15 minutes, though I gave it longer this time to burn off any manufacturing odors:


The first pizza underway:

The first pizza

Rotating the pizza; it only takes one minute to cook, but needs to be rotated a few times to cook evenly, since the flame is at the back. That was easier than I expected, though I do want a better peel (my old one is too big):


Me with the first pizza, while the second cooks:

David & pizza

A closer look:

One pizza done

Nicely charred bottom:

Pizza bottom

Two pizzas; a little too crispy on portions, since it cooks so fast; I’ll get better at judging that:

Two pizzas

I am very happy with this oven; my first pizzas in it were as good as you’d get at a pizza restaurant, and much better than when cooking in the indoor oven.  Jenn called it a home run.

Definitely an encouraging start. Hopefully heavier toppings like Canadian bacon & pineapple (come at me haters) will fare as well.