Hawaii day 2

Yesterday was our first full day in Hawaii.

We started the day with the buffet breakfast. There is a nice koi pond outside:

There is a decent buffet selection, with various cooked, pastry, cereal, fruit, etc options. Something for everyone:

Someone having an early game of golf at the course next door:


We spent much of the day relaxing under a tree at the edge of the resort:

Palm trees above the loungers:

View from the lounger:

Picnic lunch:

Hopeful birds:

Dipping my toes in the ocean:

Looking out:

Looking back:

A hidden hot tub (too hot for us):

Part of the heated pool:

More of the pool:

We were warned that there was going to be a corporate event that evening behind our building. They spent all day setting it up. The view from our lanai:

In the evening, we headed out to the local shopping area to buy some stuff and have dinner. Here’s our rental Jeep:

The nearby outdoor shopping mall:

A sculpture at the mall:

Hawaiian Island Creations:

We had some dim sum at Pele’s Wok for dinner:

And a tasty red ginger cake with mango sorbet for dessert:

Back at the room, the corporate event was underway. After some boring management speeches, they had a dance and music performance. We watched some of it from our lanai:

I’m always fascinated by the behind-the-scenes stuff:

They even had some Maori performances:

Stay tuned for day 3 tomorrow.